Big news from NewTek!

July 10th, 2018: Following up from NAB 2018 in April, NewTek is moving forward with the release of their Premium Access software enhancements for the TriCaster TC1 and VMC1 systems. Available as either monthly or annual subscriptions,  NewTek's Premium Access includes:

  • LiveGraphics - Motion graphics from Adobe Creative Cloud played-back in real-time from The TC1 and VMC1.
  • LivePanel - A brower-based interface for the TriCaster TC1, IP series and 3Play 3P1.
  • Advanced Audio I/O - Discrete direct output of all incoming (including NDI® or internal audio sources. Dante, AES-67, and professional USB devices supported
  • NDI KVM - You can now access your TriCaster TC1 or IP Series system from any networked PC using NewTek's Studio Monitor app . . . meaning you can now run your system from a remote location and not just the TriCaster or IP Series itself!
  • Virtual PTZ - You can zoom in or pan-and-scan to create multiple close-ups and medium shots from a single source.
  • Virtual Set Library - Access to a library of virtual set content.

Through Sept. 28th, 2018 save big on your Premium Access subsciption! $1,149.00 for a full-year (versus $2,299.00 after the promotion expires.


As a means to experience the power of NDI, through Sept. 28th, 2018 NewTek is allowing non-NewTek customers to trade-in their baseband (conventional video cable) video switchers towards several TriCaster bundles and receive free NewTek NDI converters.

Bundle #1-  Purchase a TriCaster Mini Advanced HDMI, get 2 Connect Spark HDMI with trade-in

Bundle #2-  Purchase a TriCaster Mini Advanced SDI Bundle or TC1 Base Bundle, get 2 Connect Spark SDI with trade-in

Bundle #3-  Purchase a TriCaster TC1 Select, Plus or Deluxe Bundle,  get an NC1 Studio Input Module with trade-in

Bundle #4-  Purchase a TriCaster TC1 Max Bundle or VMC1 System with Control Surface, get an NC1 I/O Module with trade-in


The TriCaster 410, 460 and 8000 now include the Advanced Edition software at no charge!

NewTek continues to bring more value to the TriCaster line by including TriCaster Advanced Edition software with new TriCaster 8000, TriCaster 460 and TriCaster 410 purchases at no additional cost.

Getting the Advanced Edition software means adding tons of new features including:

  • Native integration of NDI®, NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology, which allows the access of inputs and outputs of other NDI-enabled devices on the same network.
  • Additional four NDI® inputs and outputs
  • Superior second-screen experiences
  • Importing of data directly from Excel and other sources
  • And much more!


The NewTek 3Play 3P1 3RU instant-replay system has been released. The 3P1 3RU adds a redundanct power supply to the system and costs $24,995.00.


Other notable NewTek news!

  • FREE upgrades for TriCaster TC1 and VMC1 users, which include: New "Express Mode" user interface; Touchscreen support; Audio sliders in multi-viewer windows for easy access to audio level control; LiveMatte ™  Pro - enhanced chroma key performance; and over 25 additional enhancements.
  • New Education bundles have been created for TriCaster Mini HD-4i and TriCaster Mini SDI.
  • TriCaster Mini Advanced HD-4 Education Promo (includes educational curriculum on a thumb drive) is now permanent at $4,995.00.

Have questions or need a quote? Please contact Matt Drabick with DigiTek Systems at 919-810-9457 or