The BirdDog Studio NDI device will ship in March

The BirdDog Studio at $895.00 (MSRP, contact us for our best price) which lets you bring in an SDI or HDMI signal into the box. With the box on the same subnetwork as the TriCaster, the video camera becomes an NDI source to the TriCaster. This product is expected to shop in March, 2017. 

The BirdDog Studio will let you bring any HD-SDI or HDMI video source (video cameras, laptop output, Blu-ray player, etc.) into your NDI setup and use them as sources to your NewTek TriCaster, or TalkShow or other NDI-enabled device. It essentially turns those sources into IP devices that can be detected on the same network. You can use your existing network structure to connect your video cameras and other sources to your TriCaster or other NDI-enabled switcher. It replaces long SDI cable runs. Tally, DC and Power over Ethernet are provided. An optional V/Gold-mount battery plate allows you to use batteries as well.

Educational pricing is available at $795.00 MSRP. Again, contact us for our best price.

For more information contact Matt Drabick of DigiTek Systems at or call 919 790 5488.