Big news from NewTek about NDI/IP video at NAB 2016

April, 2016: Moving forward with its IP video protocol NDI, NewTek released new applications for working with video production hardware and software including their Connect Pro and IsoCorder Pro software.

NDI is an open protocol developed by NewTek and adopted by many other video production solution developers including Blackmagic Design, DELTACASE, Matrox, Chyron, Sienna, Evertz, Broadcast Pix, Panasonic, JVC, Sony, Vaddio and PTZOptics. Support has been announced with ASPEN and SMPTE 2022, allowing NDI to work with other IP video protocols.

In the past, you used SDI, HDMI or analog video cables for connecting video cameras and other sources to your TriCaster (or other video switcher) for switching purposes. External graphics could be brought in across a local network (via NewTek's iVGA) but you basically worked with local video sources limited by how far you could run your cables from the video and audio sources to the video switcher.

NDI works with IP video sources across a local area network. A standard GigE (1000 Mbps) network is fast enough to handle multiple video sources with embedded audio. Compression allows 1080i video to be carried across the network. IP video sources include video cameras, video switchers, graphics systems and video capture cards. Basically any video source with an IP address can be recognized by NDI.

NDI is bidirectional, meaning once two NDI video sources recognize each other on the network, sources can be shared in either direction. For example, two NDI-enabled video switchers can send see each other's program output and use that output as one of their own video sources. Taking the process a step further, each switcher can see each others video source including video cameras, DDRs, internal graphics, etc. Any video cameras or other video sources "connected" to switcher A can be brought into switcher B as video sources as well. The possibilities are endless . . . .

NDI uses DCT compression. According to NewTek, a modern Intel-based i7 processor can compress a 1920 by 1080 video signal at 250 fps. NDI compression doesn't degrade when the video signal is decoded/encoded when shared over the network. NDI supports all resolutions, frame rates and video streams with or without alpha channel.

You must install the Advanced Edition V2 software upgrade ($1,995.00) on your TriCaster to have NDI capability. Any current TriCaster being sold today, with the exception of the TriCaster 40, can be upgraded with the Advanced Edition V2 software and have NDI capability. Previous TriCaster models, such as the TriCaster 455 or 855, etc. will need to be upgraded to the 60-series software level first and then add the Advanced Edition software upgrade.

NewTek has released a slew of NDI software applications including Connect Pro and IsoCorder Pro. Connect Pro allows new and existing video production hardware and software to work together. Connect PRO ($995.00) . . . and its free version NDI Connect . . . is software that is installed on a Windows 7 PC and provides up to 4 simultaneous video signals to and from other devices on the NDI network. The 4 video channels can be configured for media playback, local webcams, or video transmission from other sources to expand your channel count and switch into your program. Connect Pro also includes NDI Connect Webserver for remote viewing or display of up to 16 different NDI sources on any networked device (yes, I lifted most of this paragraph from a NewTek press release!)

Connect PRO provides the following:

  • Up to four channels either as input or output with built-in standards conversion
  • Interoperability between common IP standards including NDI/ASPEN/SMPTE 2022
  • Works with IP video cameras from JVC, Panasonic, PTZOptics, Sony and Vaddio
  • Capture devices from AJA, Blackmagic Design, Magewell, Matrox, Teradek, etc.
  • Support for webcams and USB3 capture devices
  • 4 channels of integrated media playback of common media files and still images
  • NDI Connect Webserver for remote viewing up to 16 NDI sources via web browser
  • Color correction of video sources including white balance and pro amp controls
  • Waveform and monitoring for real-time signal monitoring/adjustment
  • Frame-rate and resolution cross conversion, frame sync and audio reclocking
  • Works on a Windows 7 or higher PC

Connect PRO costs $995.00. The free version NDI Connect supports two instead of four channels and includes support for capture devices by the same above manufacturers (AJA, Blackmagic Design, Matrox etc.) plus frame-rate and resolution cross conversion, frame sync and audio reclocking. Note that with either version, you can use a video capture device connected/installed to the NDI-enabled PC to bring in a video signal from a video camera (SDI, HDMI or analog video depending on the capture device) and effectively convert the video camera into a IP source on the NDI network and used with your video switcher.

NewTek IsoCorder Pro is software that allows you to work with media files and video footage across the NDI network. IsoCorder PRO encodes video as high-quality QuickTime files and also frame-grabs video stills.

IsoCorder Pro provides the following:

  • Up to 16 recording channels as QuickTime files with 32-bit alpha channel
  • 8-channel audio with per-channel level control
  • High-quality still image grab with motion-adaptive deinterlacing
  • Color correction including white balance/proc amps controls/auto color correction
  • Waveform and monitoring for real-time signal monitoring/adjustment
  • Works on a Windows 7 or higher PC

IsoCorder Pro costs $995.00. The free version NDI IsoCorder provides two recording channels with QuickTime capture and still image grabbing plus stereo audio with per-channel level control.

Three other NDI apps, NewTek NDI for Adobe Creative CloudNewTek NDI Telestrator and NewTek NDI Transmit also run on a Windows 7 PC (NDI Transmit will even run on a Windows Vista PC).

NewTek NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud ($99.00) allows you to playback a Premiere or After Effects project in real-time without having to first render the project and use it as a video source with your switcher. If you can play the time-line in real-time then you can use it as a live video source.

NewTek NDI Telestrator ($495.00) provides a user-friendly toolset to draw, diagram and apply graphics to any NDI video source (think of the Super Bowl and lines with arrows diagramming the last pattern that the players ran). 

NewTek NDI Transmit ($199.00) replaces low-quality webcam video with high-quality NDI video for your next video conference. NDI Transmit works with video-compatible 3rd party software with webcam input support and also works with Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, WebEx and Skype.

For some detailed info about the Advanced Edition V2 software upgrade click this link:

For more information about NewTek NDI please contact Matt Drabick of DigiTek Systems at or call 919 790 5488.