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Atomos Shogun Studio


Harnessing the latest 4K/HD recorder, monitor and playback technologies the Shogun Studio enhances existing HD workflows and provides an affordable rack mount solution for creating 4K Masters.

You can record from HDMI or SDI video sources and output both HDMI and SDI at the same time. You can record two independent programs at the same time as separate files to an SSD or 2.5 inch hard drive. Or you can continuously record the same program (once one drive fills-up the system automatically switches over to the second drive and continues to record). Or you can record the same program to each drive at the same time for redundant recording purposes. Taking the process a step further, you can have both a ProRes and a DNxHR recording of the same program or footage. Or a 4K RAW file plus an HD proxy file for editing purposes. Time-lapse recording for photographic and security applications is included.

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