TriCaster repair parts available for sale

Intel DG965SS motherboard for TriCaster STUDIO, $198.00
five in stock, OEM boards

Intel DG33BU motherboard for TriCaster STUDIO and $198.00
BROADCAST, six in stock, OEM boards

Intel DG45ID motherboard for TriCaster STUDIO and $198.00
BROADCAST, five in stock (three in retail box)

Intel DQ45CB motherboard for TriCaster STUDIO and $198.00
BROADCAST, four in stock as OEM or refurbished boards

Intel DG67HD motherboard, two in retail box, $219.00

Intel DQ67OW motherboard, used in TriCaster 450/455/460, $249.00
TriCaster 850/855/860, early TriCaster 40, later TriCaster 300,
3Play 425, have one OEM and five refurbished motherboards

MSI X58M motherboard, used in early TriCaster 300 and $425.00
TriCaster 850, with CPU and RAM, one refurbished board for sale

Asus Rampage Genesis motherboard for early TriCaster 300 $295.00
and 3Play 330, with CPU/CPU FAN/RAM, two refurbished boards

TriCaster DUO motherboard, pair of refurbished motherboards $219.00

TriCaster 100 motherboards, B, C, D and E boards, refurbished $219.00

All TriCaster PRO motherboards, refurbished $219.00

Refurbished NewTek VT cards for all standard-def TriCasters $450.00
except later TriCaster STUDIOs (Samsung vs non-Samsung)

Used NewTek VT card for later TriCaster STUDIOS (non-Samsung card) $300.00

Front panels for TriCaster PRO, refurbished $300.00

Refurbished TriCaster STUDIO front panels $450.00

TriCaster BROADCAST front panel, new $689.00

TriCaster 300 front panel, new $795.00

eVGA 7300 video cards for TriCaster 100/PRO/PROFX/ $129.00
STUDIO and BROADCAST, refurbished, three available

PNY 9400 video card for TriCaster 100/PRO/STUDIO $129.00
and BROADCAST, refurbished, three available

eVGA 220 video card for 3Play 330, TriCaster STUDIO and $169.00
BROADCAST, refurbished, one available

eVGA 430 video card for TriCaster STUDIO/BROADCAST, $various prices
three new in retail boxes

PNY 9800 video card, for TriCaster 300, one available, $149.00

PNY 450 video card for TriCaster 450, new in retail box $219.00

PNY 640 video card,  refurbished, for later TriCaster 450, etc. $149.00

TriCaster BROADCAST system drives, new, from NewTek $189.00
one each of the TB0N and TB5N system drives (other TriCaster BROADCAST system drives plus TriCaster STUDIO/100/PRO/PROFX and DUO drives are also available

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