1) TriCaster TC1 & IP Series Free Upgrades:

  • New "Express Mode" user interface
  • Touchscreen support
  • Audio sliders in multi-viewer windows for easy access to audio level control
  • Multi-engine workflow - for redundancy and enhanced capacity (Exclusive to IP series) 
  • LiveMatte(tm) Pro - enhanced chroma keying performance
  • Over 25 additional enhancements
  • Best of all, it's free for all current TC! and VMC1 users

2) LiveGraphics , the real-time motion graphics from Adobe® Creative Cloud® played directly from NewTek live production systems that includes:

  • LiveGraphics  Creator, a NewTek plug-in for Adobe® After Effects® that greatly simplifies building complex motion graphics
  • Simplified one-button PSD import
  • Build complex animations quickly and easily
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Dozens of presets in many categories
  • Smart layers with independent motions for Intro, Loop, and Outro presets
  • Real-time playout  in TriCaster TC1 or VMC1 buffers
  • Export directly to TriCaster TC1 and NewTek IP series from Creator interface
  • 16 presets (states) per graphics buffer available
  • 16 data presets to store graphic content
  •  Make changes to text and images live
  • Connect to DataLink for live data updates

3) Introducing NewTek Premium Access, a collection of subscription-based software that includes:

LiveGraphics  - Real-time motion graphics from Adobe® Creative Cloud® played directly from NewTek live production systems

  • LivePanel  - Flexible and easy-to-use browser-based interface  for TriCaster® TC1, IP Series, and 3Play® 3P1
  • Advanced Audio I/O  -Discrete direct output of all incoming (including NDI® or internal audio sources. Dante, AES-67, and professional USB devices supported
  • NDI KVM  - Access your TriCaster or IP Series from any networked PC using Studio Monitor. Run your Production from your Laptop!
  • Virtual PTZ  - Area of interest or Pan-and-Scan functions are available on every input. Create multiple sources from a single camera.
  • Virtual Set Library  - As an added bonus, access a library of virtual set content packs
  • And much more

The Introductory Subscription Promo price, through the end of Q3, 2018, is $99/month or $1,149.00 per year. After that the price doubles to $199/month or $2,299.00/year.

4) NewTek Remote Storage (Powered by SNS)

Best-of-breed remote storage for complete NewTek Live Production Solutions

  • 4-bay 24TB  desktop system (NRSD)
  • 8-bay 48TB  4RU system (NRS8)
  • 16-bay 96TB  3RU system (NRS16)
  • Network storage, plus direct NDI(r) playback (4 streams - like having 4 additional DDR's)
  • High performance SAN and NAS subsystem
  • SATA/SAS  drive bays
  • Expansion  chassis and connectivity options
  • Unlimited licenses of ShareBrowser MAM
  • $7,995 -NRSD 4bay 24TB
  • $26,995 -NRS8 8bay 48TB
  • $47,995 -NRS16 16bay 96TB

5) NewTek Connect Spark™ Pro, the world's only portable 4K NDI® converter

  • Converts to full-bandwidth NDI
  • Near zero  latency and high quality
  • Wired Ethernet  connectivity
  • POE  (power-over-ethernet) and multicast
  • HDMI 2.0  video input (up to 4K P60 & HD/SD)
  • Audio  input
  • Hardware-based  FPGA and SOC technology
  • Tally lights  and connector for Preview and Program
  • Threaded screw (1/4-20) camera mount
  • $995 US-MSRP

6) NewTek NC1 Studio I/O IP Module ... NewTek is further advancing the transition to IP with a product specifically built to interface with the SMPTE ST 2110 standard. Turnkey integration and modular architecture enables systematic expansion and strategic deployment to meet the IP conversion demands of your customers’ production workflow. Adding the NC1 Studio I/O IP Module to TC1 or IP Series makes them SMPTE ST 2110 compatible. 

  • SMPTE 2110 input/output module for TriCaster TC1 and IP Series
  • 4 streams  of ST 2110 IN and OUT
  • Flexible audio connectivity and configuration, including Dante™ and AES67
  • Built-in video servers
  • Professional color correction tools
  • Integrated waveform and vectorscope
  • Gateway to Virtualization
  • $14,995 US-MSRP

7) NewTek Virtualized Products

  • The world's first  Virtualized Live Production Switcher
  • Furthering their goal to be the industry leader NewTek has added Virtualized Workflows to their IP Video arsenal. NewTek's IP Series VMC1 was demonstrated running in a completely virtualized environment at the Cisco booth at NAB 2018. The IP series is the first and only major live production solution to support a full-scale, virtualized production model.
  • NewTek IP Series VMC with 44 inputs at the first product in NVP
  • NewTek NDI®  is a integral part of production switching in virtualized environments
  • NewTek is the only major production switcher capable of running virtualized
  • NDI is the only shipping IP video protocol that runs in software for virtualization
  • Benefits of virtualization are many and move broadcasters towards a future that revolves around an IT core with commodity hardware

8) IP Production Automation

NewTek demonstrated integration with Viz Mosart  studio automation and NewTek live production systems at NAB 2018 including:

  • Pairing Viz Mosart with NewTek's integrated live IP production systems creates a new affordable paradigm for rundown-based productions
  • Mosart control  over:
  • M/E's
  • Transitions
  • DSK's
  • Vizrt graphics
  • Internal DDR's for video playback
  • Audio mixing  through supported audio consoles
  • MOS support  for major NRCS's
  • Viz Showmaker  for non-MOS rundowns

9) NDI®  In less than 3 years NDI® has become an industry standard with:

  • 5000 developers using the SDK
  • Millions of NDI capable products
  • Watched by tens of millions
  • Microsoft is announcing integration of NDI® into the Skype
  • Desktop client Avid has integrated NDI® output direct from Media Composer®

All in all, a lot of new stuff from NewTek at NAB 2018!

For more information contact Matt Drabick at or call 919 810 9457.