TriCaster Trade-In Program Changes

Over the years, NewTek has provided a generous discount when trading in an older TriCaster towards a new TriCaster model. Trade-in discounts also exist for TriCaster control surfaces. This allowed NewTek customers the ability to recoup some of their original investment when purchasing a new TriCaster. With the exception of the TriCaster Mini series, under the current plan you could trade-in your old TriCaster for any new TriCaster of equal or higher value. 

Starting July 1st, 2016, NewTek will simplify the program and lower the amount of discount applied with the trade-in program (in other words, the new TriCaster will cost you more money under the new trade-in program). While the TriCaster Mini HD-4 SDI and the TriCaster Mini HD-4i are added to the program, NewTek plans to drop the TriCaster 40 from the program and not include the TriCaster Mini HD-4 (base).

According to NewTek, starting July 1st, 2016, any of the TriCaster 400 and 800 series (410, 455, 460, or 855, etc.) can only be traded-in towards a new TriCaster 8000 and not any other current model (for example, you can’t trade-in a TriCaster 410 towards a new TriCaster 460).  Older TriCaster models such as the 300, BROADCAST, STUDIO, PRO, PRO FX, DUO, 100, 40, etc. can be traded-in towards a TriCaster 8000, 460, 410, Mini SDI and Mini HD-4i.

The amount of discount when trading in an older TriCaster for a new TriCaster will also decrease across the entire line. For example, under the current program that expires at the end of this month, if you trade in a TriCaster STUDIO towards a new TriCaster 460, the trade-in discount is $2,798.25 and lowers the cost of the TriCaster 460 purchase to $12,196.75. Starting July 1st, the discount will be $1,500.00 and the cost of the new TriCaster will be $13,495.00. Now is the time to trade-in an old TriCaster and get the most money for your trade-in towards a new TriCaster.

For customers still working with a TriCaster 100, DUO, PRO, PRO FX, STUDIO or BROADCAST and still using analog video cameras and can't afford a new TriCaster 460 much less a TriCaster 8000, the TriCaster 40 is the obvious model to trade-up to. With its four analog SD (and component HD) inputs for video cameras and other live video sources, the TriCaster 40 is the best model for those customers who aren’t ready to replace their analog video cameras but need a new video switcher with advanced features and capabilities that stills works with composite video, S-video or component video signals. If you are interested in buying a TriCaster 40 as a TriCaster trade-in you have until June 30th, 2016 to do so ... after that, the option to upgrade to a TriCaster 40 and save some money will be gone.

As a NewTek Authorized Reseller, I can help you with any trade-in purchases that you want to make. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have about either trade-in program or send you a quote for a new TriCaster under the new or old programs. Please contact Matt Drabick at or 919 790 5488.