what is ndi?

Network Device Interface (NDI) is a royalty free standard developed by NewTek to enable video-compatible products to communicate, deliver, and receive broadcast quality video in a high quality, low latency manner that is frame-accurate and suitable for switching in a live production environment.  NDI is designed to run over existing 1 Gigabit networks allowing easy adoption of the protocol without new infrastructure. This is achieved through the use of video data compression with the NDI codec which delivers 1080 full HD video at VBR data rates typically around 100mBit/sec.

NDI was designed to work on good quality gigabit local area networks using TCP and Bonjour technologies. Mobile apps like NDICam have shown that NDI can also work well on Wifi networks, although the need for c. 100mBit communications requires very good quality communication between the device and the Wifi router to achieve full frame rates.

NDI 3.0 with NDI HX introduced a lower data rate codec which can be used more easily over Wifi and even potentially 4G connections.

Products using ndi

Vendor Product Description OS Platform
NewTek Tricaster Multi Camera Production System  
NewTek IP Series Modular Production System  
NewTek 3Play Slow Motion and Instant Replay System  
NewTek NDI Camera iOS / Android based NDI Camera iOS, Android
NewTek Connect Pro NDI Converter Windows
NewTek IsoCorder Pro Multi Source Recorder Windows
NewTek NDI Telestrator Telestrator Windows
NewTek NDI Transmit WebCam Emulator Windows
NewTek NDI Video Monitor NDI Source Viewer (Windows) Windows
NewTek TalkShow Skype TX Interface  
NewTek LiveText Computer Graphics Windows
NewTek Connect Spark HDMI / SDI to NDI HX Converters [HX]
NewTek PTZ Camera NDI HX PTZ Camera [HX]
Sienna NDICam iPhone based NDI Camera iOS
Sienna NDI ScanConverter Desktop ScanConverter macOS
Sienna NDI Monitor NDI Source Viewer macOS
Sienna NDI Source SDI to NDI Converter macOS
Sienna NDI Outlet NDI to SDI Converter (Fill and Key) macOS
Sienna WebCam for NDI WebCam to NDI Converter macOS
Sienna NDI SignalGenerator NDI Test Signal Generator macOS
Sienna WebNDI WebBrowser with NDI Output iOS
Sienna Cloud for NDI Wide Area Network for NDI macOS
StudioCoast VMix Video Production System Windows
JVC StreamStar Live Production System  
CombiTech VidBlasterX Video Production System Windows
Broadcast Pix Flint Integrated Production Switcher  
Nagasoft NSCaster Multi Camera Production System  
Livestream Livestream Studio 4.5 Live Production Switcher Windows
Panasonic AV-HLC100 Live Production Center  
Panasonic AW-HN38,40,130
NDI HX PTZ Cameras [HX]
Panasonic NewTek AutoLink IP Camera Translator Windows
Inklen MixEmergency VJ Mixer macOS
Telestream Wirecast 7 Live Production Streaming macOS
OBS Open Broadcaster Live Production Streaming macOS
LiveU LU2000 Bonded Video Transceiver  
VizRT Viz Engine Computer Graphics  
NewTek and Vizrt NVG1 Computer Graphics  
ChyronHego PRIME, Lyric Computer Graphics  
Ross Video Xpression Computer Graphics Windows
NewBlue NewBlueFX Titler Live Broadcast Computer Graphics macOS
AGF Multimedia CharacterWorks3 Computer Graphics Windows
ClassX LiveBoard Computer Graphics Windows
SQD Technologies Squid Computer Graphics  
BannisterLake Chameleon Computer Graphics  
CasparCG CasparCG Computer Graphics Windows
AJT Systems LiveBook GFX Computer Graphics  
Graphics Outfitters ScoreHD Computer Graphics Windows
LiveXpert Live CG Computer Graphics Windows
Nautilus Studio NSport Computer Graphics Windows
Vset3D Vset3DPro Virtual Set Windows
Brainstorm Multimedia Infinity Set Virtual Set  
Epic Unreal Engine 4 Game Rendering Engine  
Zero Density Reality Virtual Studio Windows
LiveXpert LiveMediaServer NDI Video Server Windows
Gnural Net LiveToAir Video Server  
PlayBox ProductionAirBoxNeo Video Playout  
Renewed Vision ProPresenter 6 Video Playout macOS
Renewed Vision PVP 3 Video Playout macOS
VideoLAN VLC (via Newtek Plugin) Video Player Windows
BirdDog BirdDog Studio NDI Portable HDMI/SDI encoder FPGA Embedded
Adobe CreativeCloud (via NewTek Plugin) Video Editing / Graphics macOS
Adobe Character Animator Real time Animation Synthesizer macOS
NewTek and Wowza MediaDS Streaming server  
SplitMediaLabs XSplit Streaming Server Windows
Streambox Streambox Streaming Server  
DVEO Gearbox / Brutus Transcoder  
Zen NDI Router NDI Source Router Windows
Zen RTx NDI Source Repeater Windows
Evertz SDVN Data Switch  
Autocue QStart Teleprompter Windows
Pizazz NDI2HDMI Converter  
Pizazz NDI Viewfinder Converter / Monitor  
Capture Sweden Capture Nexum Live Visualization Windows
mogmoglogic DPX Analytics Media Analyser Windows
Dataton Watchout MultiScreen Display System  
Quicklink Quicklink TX Skype TX Interface  
Derivative TouchDesigner Projection Mapper Windows
PTZOptics NDI HX Cameras NDI HX Cameras [HX]