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1) NewTek TalkShow open-house demo March 18th in Raleigh, NC with Colin Sandy

2) NewTek promo lowers TriCaster 460 price!

Click here for the details!

3) NewTek shipping the new TriCaster Mini Bundle!

The new TriCaster Mini incorporates features found with the high-end TriCaster Pro Line including the user interface and social media publishing capabilities at a much lower price point, works with HDMI video sources including laptops and desktop computers, provides four-channel Iso-recording capability and much, much more! To learn about the TriCaster Mini click here! We have the TriCaster Mini HD-4i and the TriCaster Mini control surface in stock! We also have the NewTek-approved 100-foot HDMI cables sold individually or in groups of four.

4) NewTek is now shipping the TalkShow Skype receiver!

NewTek introduces a new device for easily receiving and switching Skype callers!

5) Winter 2015 Blow-out Clearance Sale!

We have some one-of-a-kind items for sale in like-new or lightly-used condition . . . check it out!

6) NewTek announces End of Life for TriCaster STUDIO and BROADCAST

NewTek will no longer repair the TriCaster STUDIO and BROADCAST . . . but DigiTek Systems can and will!