Talkshow VS4000


The TalkShow VS 4000 is a professional, multi-channel video calling system designed to simultaneously connect you with up to 4 remote guests—regardless of location—in real time and deliver distraction-free, broadcast-quality HD content with complete production control, allowing you to facilitate captivating real-time group conversations, panel discussions, and live interview after live interview with remote guests that enhance the quality and credibility of your program.

Independent Control Interfaces - Easily set up a multi-operator production workflow, with separate interfaces for call and production management. Skype TX Control software can be operated from the TalkShow VS 4000 system or installed on another machine as a standalone call control center, allowing the producer to manage calls and talent, while a production operator handles video and audio.

Group or Queue Callers - Connect with any combination of guests from around the world simultaneously or in sequence, for compelling live conversation, expert analysis, real-time commentary, and in-depth discussion.

IP Networking - Receive video calls over IP anywhere on your network. Built-in NewTek NDI technology allows routing of Skype video calls to any compatible NDI receiving device (including TriCaster® and 3Play™) while enabling selection of any NDI video source for return to caller over the network.

Advanced Audio - Deliver conversations that sound more professional. Independently adjust incoming and outgoing audio signals for the highest-quality sound, with the only video calling system that offers built-in gain control, graphic equalizer, compressor/limiter, and noise gate settings.

Pristine Live Video - Ensure your guests look as good as they sound, with enhanced real-time image processing and fully configurable correction tools, including proc amp controls, auto color setting, and white balance—and clean, deinterlaced return video to caller.

Real Time Call Monitoring - Conduct every call with complete confidence, by utilizing high-quality, full-motion video previews, accurate on-screen audio VU metering, and selectable multi-view display layouts with configurable monitor overlays.

Tech Specs

Hardware Video Input                                  4 x HD-SDI with embedded audio            

Hardware Video Output4 x HD-SDI with embedded audio

HardwarFor more information please contact Matt Drabick or call 919 790 5488. e Audio Input4 x embedded SDI audio
2 x Balanced XLR (Line)

Hardware Audio Output4 x embedded SDI audio
2 x Balanced XLR (Line)

IP NetworkingIntegrated NewTek Network Device Interface (NDI) technology enabling transmission of A/V input and output signals over IP between TalkShow and other supported systems, including TriCaster, 3Play and a range of third-party solutions

Dante Audio NetworkingIntegrated Dante audio support, enabling TalkShow to interface with other audio devices utilizing the Dante networking protocol from Audinate

Call RecordingSupports full-bandwidth recording of call video and audio (optionally including return audio on separate channels) to external USB 3.0 or SAN storage

Video Configuration-Fully configurable color correction settings for each incoming Skype video signal, including white balance, proc amp controls and auto color.
-Freely selectable video source for return to each Skype caller

Audio Configuration-Fully configurable settings for each incoming Skype audio signal, including gain control, seven-band equalizer, compressor/limiter, and noise gate.
-Freely selectable audio source and mix-minus channel control for return to each Skype caller

Talk BackSupports direct, off-air communication between operator and remote callers individually or as a group via headset (optionally configurable for control via external GPI trigger)

Call Management-Supports multi-channel Skype TX call management locally or over IP via Skype TX controller application
-Local production control supporting per-channel configuration of call video and audio, and Talk Back communication via TalkShow user interface
-Direct mouse and keyboard USB interface required

Local Monitoring-DVI and HDMI ports for connecting external monitors
-Stereo 1/4” phone jack for local audio monitoring
-Full-motion input and output video previews within user interface, including optional picture-in-picture overlay of return video for each call monitor
-Configurable multi-view workspace, including selectable layouts and optional overlays including title safe, 4:3 safe, center cross and VU meters
-Audio VU metering

Output Video FormatsConfigurable call video output resolution and frame rate, with support for NTSC and PAL formats
1080i – 25, 29.97, 30
1080p – 23.98, 24
720p – 50, 59.94, 60
576i (16:9 or 4:3) – 25
480i (16:9 or 4:3) – 29.97

Return Video FormatsConfigurable return video input resolution and frame rate, with support for NTSC and PAL formats (available selections vary depending on output video format selected) 
1080i – 29.97, 25
1080p – 30, 30 PsF, 24, 24 (Telecine), 25, 25 PsF
720p – 30, 25, 24
576i (16:9 or 4:3) – 25
480i (16:9 or 4:3) - 29.97

WatermarkOptionally supports Skype logo watermark on output

TallySupports hardware tally via HD15 GPI connector or network tally via NewTek NDI

GPIHD15 GPI connector

ReferenceGenlock input supporting SD (Bi-level) or HD (Tri-level) reference signals
+4dBU audio reference level

Signal MonitoringIntegrated Waveform and Vectorscope, full field rate with digital calibration, color preview and support for ITU-R Rec. 601 and 709

SoftwareMicrosoft Windows 10 OS, Skype TX 4 software, Skype TX controller application, and TalkShow control software

CPU4th Generation i7 Quad-Core

GraphicsIntel HD4600 GPU


Storage120Gb internal SSD

ProcessingVideo: 4:4:4:4, 32-bit Floating Point
Audio: 4 channels, 96 kHz, 32-bit Floating Point

StandardsSD-SDI video conforms to SMPTE 259M
HD-SDI video conforms to SMPTE 292M

NetworkDual gigabit Ethernet NIC supporting Skype TX call transmission, NDI transmission to and from supported systems, 
Dante audio networking, and local network traffic

Fail-Safe-Multi-tiered fail-safe system
-Automatic failover to audio transmission with caller snapshot when bandwidth falls below operator-defined preset value
-Comprehensive system restore operation

System Physical1RU Rack Mount with 180W power supply (110-220V external; 12V internal) 
-19.0 x 1.75 x 16.75 in (48.3 x 4.5 x 42.5 cm) with rack ears attached
-15 lbs (6.8 kg)

For more information please contact Matt Drabick at or call 919 790 5488.