We buy dead and non-working Tricasters


If you have a dead or non-working TriCaster we will pay you money for it! It doesn't matter if the TriCaster doesn't power-up or doesn't input and output audio and video, we want your TriCaster!

While you can trade-in an older TriCaster towards a new TriCaster, depending on which older TriCaster you have to trade-in you can only purchase an expensive TriCaster 455, 855 or 8000. 

We need used TriCasters for their parts to fix other TriCasters with. If you aren't interested in having your old TriCaster repaired (we do that!) or don't want to buy a new TriCaster and just want to recoup part of the money you paid for your TriCaster please contact Matt Drabick via email at mdrabick@mindspring or call 919-790-5488.


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