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What is Lumantek?

Lumantek develops and sells electronic measurement instruments, broadcast transmission, and digital media convergence systems designed for Digital and Mobile TV, IPTV, Radio, and Terrestrial and Satellite Broadcasting.  Lumantek designs their own modulations to maximize value and provide high quality products at an affordable price.  

Lumantek’s products are designed to be portable, robust, and convenient for remote field testing  and work.  They incorporate FPGA-based firmware-defined architecture, analog-based RF transmitter performance, simple and quick upgrades as needed, and products that are ready to use out of the box with little to no hardware assembly.

For modulation, Lumantek’s assets include all major modulations for digital TV broadcasting (including cable, terrestrial, satellite, IPTV, and mobile).

  • ATSC (8-VSB)
  • ATSC-M/H (Mobile DTV)
  • CMMB
  • DTMB
  • DVB-C (Annex A/C)
  • DVB-S/S2
  • DVB-T/H & T2
  • ISDB-T/B (Full-Seg/1-Seg)
  • OpenCable (Annex B)
    • Common themes
      • Wireless mobile digital Audio/Video broadcasting
      • Digital waveform synthesis
      • Digital Signal Processing design applicable to COFDM technology
      • Robust FPGA-based firmware-defined architecture
      • High-performance RF transmitter design