Matrox Monarch Line

The Monarch line includes 3 models:

  • Monarch HD
  • Monarch HDX
  • Monarch LCS (new)

These are portable all-in-one appliances that provide the capability to live stream and record video. There is no need to purchase a dedicated computer system or software. Configuration and control is simple. Advanced features are provided for more elaborate installations. 

Monarch HD: HDMI input / 1 Stream and Recording

monarch hd.jpg




Monarch HDX:  HDMI or SDI input / Flexible Dual Encoder Configuration - Frame sync hardware





Monarch LCS: Dual input HDMI/SDI & HDMI – Flexible Dual Encoder Configuration - Frame sync hardware




Streaming: All Monarch models support video streaming via RTSP or RTMP protocols:

RTSP:  Used to send the video stream directly from the Monarch to a RTSP client. Ex: VLC Media Player

RTMP: Used to send the video stream to a streaming service or CDN (Content Delivery Network). 

                Ex:, Youtube, Wowza, etc.

Recording: All Monarch models can record the video input to one of these destinations: USB drives, SD cards, or network shares. Recorded files are automatically saved into H.264 for easy distribution to websites or portable devices. Files can be easily edited in Adobe Premiere, FCP X or other editing applications that handle H.264 files.

The Monarch HD supports HD formats via one HDMI input. It can be configured to Stream Only, Record Only, or Stream and Record.

The Monarch HDX accepts one video input via HDMI or SDI sources (SDI also supports SD sources). Frame synchronization hardware is include to stabilize input signal instabilities. There are 2 encoders can be configured individually. For example: 

Encoder 1Stream        or       Encoder 1Stream        or      Encoder 1:Record 

Encoder 2Record                  Encoder 2Stream                  Encoder 2:Record

The Monarch LCS was announced at NAB. It supports 2 simultaneous video input signals (such as a camera input of a speaker and a computer input of a PowerPoint presentation or slide show). The 2 signals can be used independently or can be combined into your choice of layout (such as Picture in Picture, Side-by-Side, orSwitch mode). It can also be configured to record each video signal individually. The captured H.264 files can be loaded into a 3rd party player like Paella Player (; which offers its own lecture capture layouts. Additional layouts can be created by the user. Like the HDX, it also includes frame synchronization hardware and supports manual configuration of both encoders. Encoder configuration is similar to HDX (see above).

Feature comparison:

Sample recordings: 

(First download the file(s) then playback in VLC Media Player or Windows Media Player)

Product Links & List prices  (EDU/Gov’t discount is available)

Monarch HD:      $  995.00

Monarch HDX:    $ 1995.00

Monarch LCS:      $2495.00

If more than 2 inputs are required, then we recommend looking at our PC-based VS4 solution with optional VS4 Recorder Pro software: