NewTek announces promotional pricing on TriCaster 460 and 860 software upgrades for TriCaster 455/855 owners

Until June 26th, 2015, TriCaster 455 and 855 owners can upgrade their systems to the 460 or 860 level for only $995.00, a savings of $2,000.00 over the regular upgrade price of $2,995.00.

The TriCaster 60-series software upgrades offer a wealth of new features including:

*Control robotic PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) video cameras from the User Interface, saving you the cost of a dedicated PTZ controller for operating PTZ cameras.

*Macros for automating switcher commands and other functions including a macro editor.

*Hot Spots to creating interactive presentations with a live presenter.

*MIDI support to use MIDI devices to control your TriCaster.

*Mix/Effects (M/E) banks for program/preview transitions and creating video sub-mixes. Also how you work with Virtual Sets, the Chroma-keyer and double-box effects.

*Up to 15 additional media “graphics bins” via Buffers for calling up titles and graphics. Animation buffers allows you to easily play-back animations with alpha channel for animated overlays.

*New and improved virtual sets including panning and scanning.

*Control over your video output, allowing you to assign what inputs are sent out to the program outputs.

*Social Media sharing, allowing easier uploading to FaceBook, Twitter, etc.

*Support for Avid Artist Mix external audio control surface for riding audio levels.

*Independent audio delay for adjusting video with audio to avoid sync delays.

*And much, much more . . . 

If you want to upgrade your TriCaster 455 or 855 with the new TriCaster Advanced Edition software, you will have to upgrade your TriCaster to the 60-series software first before doing so.

For additional technical or pricing information please contact Matt Drabick of DigiTek Systems at or call 919 790 5488.