NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition software upgrade

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NAB 2015: NewTek has released a standalone software upgrade for the TriCaster PRO and TriCaster Mini models. The TriCaster Advanced Edition or TCAE offers over sixty new features, enhancements and capabilities. The upgrade is for TriCaster 410, 460, 860 and 8000 plus both TriCaster Mini models and has a list price of $1,995.00. 

The TCAE is sold separately and is not included when purchasing a new TriCaster PRO line or Mini model. You will need to purchase the TCAE separately and add it to your PRO line or Mini model. If you have an older TriCaster 455 or 855 you will need to upgrade those models to the 60-series software level and then add the TCAE upgrade.

To help TriCaster 455 and 855 owners move up to the TCAE level, NewTek is currently selling the the TriCaster 60-series level software upgrade for only $995.00 instead of the usual $2,995.00 until June 26, 2015.

For DigiTek Systems lower price on both the TCAE and 60-series software upgrade please contact Matt Drabick at or call 919-790-5488.

Some of the new features and capabilities found with the TCAE upgrade include:

*The Switcher now has an Undo/Redo feature, meaning you can easily revert to earlier settings if you make a mistake and what to get back to where you were.

*A second DSK with every M/E, meaning you now have a second, dedicated DSK when working with virtual sets, double-box effects and even basic chroma-keying.

*Look Ahead Preview allows you to preview full-motion effects including T-bar operations before actually using them “on-air”.

*Lock to Virtual Set means an overlay or title automatically tracks the LiveSet’s zoom and pan operations, so that the overlay appears to be embedded within the set.

*Borders (finally!) allows you to apply frames to a DSK, KEY or M/E layer along with the previous scale, rotation and edge controls. This means you can finally add a border to a graphic, clip of video or even a still store. This is huge!!! Hundreds of borders are included with the TAE software or you can create your own using Photoshop.

*Taking the process a step further, you can now easily create multi-box effects with borders without using the Virtual Set Editor!

*Router Support, previously limited to just the TriCaster 8000, is now available to all current TriCaster models (except the TriCaster 40).

*SDI Auto-Detect means you don’t have to tell the TriCaster the resolution and frame-rate of your SDI sources.

*Buffers have been enhanced or added across the TriCaster line (except the TriCaster 40). The TriCaster 410, 480, 860 and Mini now have 5 animated buffers plus 10 still/title only buffers.

*Lumakey supports for performing luminance keying when chroma-keying doesn’t work for you.

*Automatic color correction of live video sources, meaning your video cameras will now look alike.

*Streaming improvements include: support for Microsoft Azure® ShowCaster™. TwitchTV™, UStream™, and Youtube™ Live accounts, along with custom RTMP, RTSP options and more. 

*Enhanced replay capabilities when using the Iso-Corder functions including playlists for playing back different clips in a predetermined sequence, clip duration and clip speed for slow-motion and fast-motion effects.

*Media Players (DDRs, GFX) have many new improvements . . . . playback speed can be set per clip. You can now have different clips playing back at different speeds. Transitions can now be applied to clips in the Media Players.

*DataLink support is now embedded in the TriCaster and not limited to an external computer running NewTek’s LiveText software. Standard DataLink support includes
Daktronics, OES, Whiteway, DSI, and Translux.

*Dante network audio system support . . . audio can be brought in over the network.

For more technical or pricing information, please contact Matt Drabick of DigiTek Systems at or call 919-790-5488.