NewTek announces special promo-pricing bundles for schools on Advanced Edition software and NDI apps!


Oct. 3rd, 2016: Educational customers can purchase the NewTek Advanced Edition Software Bundle for only $995.00, a savings of $3,680.00. The bundle includes:

  • TriCaster Advanced Edition Software
  • NDI Telestrator
  • NDI Transmit
  • Virtual Set Editor AE
  • LiveText 2.5 w/DataLink 3 Technology
  • NDI for Adobe CC
  • NewTek Connect
  • NewTek IsoCorder

By adding the Advanced Edition Software and NDI apps to your TriCaster 410, 460, 860 or the three Mini models, you will be taking the system to the next level of capability for a fraction of the cost if you purchased each item separately. For more information about the AE Software upgrade and NDI apps, please contact Matt Drabick of DigiTek Systems at 919-790-5488 or at

This promotion is only for schools! (However, the above bundle can be purchased by non-school TriCaster owners . . . list price is $4,175.00. Please contact Matt Drabick of DigiTek Systems at or call 919 790 5488 for our lower price on the AE Software bundle for commercial TriCaster customers.

See below for more info about the bundle and what it includes . . . .

The NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition Software bundle includes the TriCaster Advanced Edition Software upgrade, NDI™ Telestrator, NDI Transmit, Virtual Set Editor AE, LiveText 2.5 w/ DataLink 3 Technology, NDI for Adobe CC, NewTek Connect and NewTek IsoCorder. This is an incredible collection of software that can be added to your educational TriCaster for the very low price of $995.00. 

Reasons to purchase the TriCaster Advanced Edition Software bundle include:

You get the Advanced Edition Software to your TriCaster which gives you a 100 new features and capabilities to your TriCaster, big and small, including:

DSKs and graphics: For the TriCaster 410 and Mini, each ME has a second DSK for adding a title, graphics, video clips and or any other video source into a virtual set or double box effect. For example, you can now key in a second person into a virtual set in addition to the person sitting behind the desk. The second person can be in front of the desk, to the side, etc. With the TriCaster 460 and 860 you get four DSKs with each ME and four DSKs for the switcher row (program output). 

You can add borders or frames to graphics and other sources in the DSK. You can scale a video camera or video clip in the DSK, overlay it on top of the full-screen video layer and add a border around it to make it stand out from the background. You can also add transparency to the DSK for semi-transparent titles, etc.

Playlist Effects: You can perform video editing in clips in a playlist . . . in additional to shortening a clip, you can chop it up, you can add transitions between video clips, and you can add slow motion and fast motion to video clips. This applies to both video clips and still images. 

Replay: Basic capture and playback of video recording during a live production and playing back video clips in the same production . . . think sports and replaying a touchdown. 

More Virtual Sets: More sets to work with, the ability to set-up 16 different camera pre-set positions instead of just 8, 3-D virtual sets, and more. 

Auto Color: Simplifies the matching of video cameras and other video sources so that sources match up and don't look different from each other (one camera isn't bluer or redder than the other video cameras, etc.) 

Buffers: 5 animated buffers and 10 still buffers with the TriCaster Mini for accessing animated overlays and stills. 

Audio: Noise gate allows you to set the level before a mic opens up, meaning if you are recording a conference people coughing in the background won't be recorded if the speaker isn't talking. 

Independent line-level controls for recording all audio inputs. 

Abililtiy to route any audio input to any audio output. 

IP workflow, meaning you can bring an additional four (network) video cameras or other live sources to your TriCaster in addition to the four video cameras connected via HDMI cables. In turn, you can take advantage of the other NDI apps including with the bundle such as NewTek Connect (access video cameras connected to a computer via a video capture card, access the output of computers running PowerPoint and other software, bring in video from a video server, etc.), NewTek NDI Telestrator (draw and diagram over live video . . . think sports and drawing over a play showing the path the player took to score a goal or touchdown), NewTek NDI Transmit (send out your programming to Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Skype, etc.), NewTek NDI CC for bringing in video clips with sound from Premiere PRO and other Adobe apps across the network to become a source for the TriCaster Mini to work with. 

In addition to the Advanced Edition Software mentioned above, you will receive NewTek's Virtual Set Editor AE software which allows you to create your custom virtual sets and double box effects. Once you grow tired of the 20 virtual sets including with the AD software on your Mini, you can create your own virtual sets that use you school colors or mascot, etc. 

You get another copy of NewTek's LiveText software for creating graphics on a Windows computer and sending it to the TriCaster for live work. 

All of the above software is only $995.00. The Advanced Edition software upgrade normally sells for $1,995.00. You are paying half-price for the Advanced Edition software and getting the rest of the software for free! Again, the $995.00 is for schools only. For non-school TriCaster customers, the list price for the bundle is $4,175.00 and DigiTek Systems is offering the software at an even lower price.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Matt Drabick,
DigiTek Systems